Roof Inspection & Maintenance

With Preventative Roof Maintenance you can feel assured that your roof investment is being taken care of.

Old or new, it is highly recommended by most roof manufacturers to have an annual inspection performed to ensure the integrity of the overall roof system.

Temperature fluctuations can cause metal roofs to expand and contract which can lead to fasteners backing out, caulk splitting or deteriorating, and laps to start pulling apart. With an annual inspection, our trained technicians will evaluate your roof for these conditions and make the necessary repairs so that you can feel assured your roof will last it’s maximum life expectancy.

Our Preventative Roof Maintenance services include:

  • Tighten or replace roof fasteners as required
  • Inspect all laps on roof, trims, and ridge cap to ensure weather-tight integrity
  • Inspect the overall condition of roof
  • Inspect all roof penetrations
  • Inspect gutter laps, gutter straps and downspouts
  • Clean out gutters and downspouts to facilitate proper drainage
  • Remove debris from roof top
  • Complete minor repairs as found
  • Provide written report with pictures and recommendations for any major repairs