Roof Leak Repair

Out of all the major building components, your metal roof in many ways could be considered the most susceptible. All metal roofs are prone to thermal expansion and contraction and severe weathering over its life.

When roof leaks do occur, we at Metal Tech know how disturbing these can be to your overall daily business operations. Damage to product and equipment and just the overall safety for your employees can be a major concern.

Metal Tech has a knowledgeable team with expertise and experience in all aspects of roof leak repairs. Our dedicated team is committed to locating and quickly and effectively repairing that leak. Our top priority is ensuring that your daily business operations are not interrupted and can still run smoothly and efficiently.

Metal Tech technicians will provide you the customer with a top quality roof repair. No more risky walks for your employees looking for that source in the pouring rain. Leave that to us!

Our Services Offer the Folllowing:

  • 24-hour emergency leak repairs service
  • Progressive analysis of you roof’s current conditions
  • Repair of your gutters, flashing and roof system
  • Low cost roof leak repair